Doctors Changing Medicine

Take a listen—you won’t regret it!

I am just blown away...Dr Una hits it out of the park with this new podcast. I just listened to the latest episode and can I just say, Wow? I immediately shared it with several physician friends who needed to hear it.

This podcast is for anyone in medicine who is interested in getting “real world” inspiration from other physicians who are done with working in a broken system, tired of the red tape, wanting to use doctoring skills for something “outside the box” to help and serve more people or just wanting to be a doctor again. If you feel any of these things, listen now. You will feel pumped by stories of others who are taking medicine back ...and you cannot help but be motivated to start taking your own action. Truly inspiring!! Thank you Dr Una.

May 19, 2021 by Newblogger23 on Apple Podcasts

Doctors Changing Medicine