Doctors Changing Medicine

Doctors Changing Medicine

Welcome to the Doctors Changing Medicine Podcast where we feature physicians who are redefining the practice of medicine AND changing the experience we have as doctors in medicine.

We all know the system is broken but we’ve decided not to complain about it anymore, we’re out to fix it.

I’m Dr. Una, your host. I’m a pediatrician and serial entrepreneur BUT my passion is helping physicians create the freedom to live life and practice medicine on their terms.
This is not just a podcast, it's a movement of change and I invite you to be part of it.

Recent Episodes

Untitled Episode

Aug. 10, 2022

In this episode, I speak to Dr. Robyn Tiger, a board-certified diagnostic radiologist, faculty and stress management expert, certified yoga therapist, and founder and CEO of StressfreeMD. StressfreeMD is a wellness practice …

How Doctors can Thrive in a Broken Medical System with Dr. Jimmy Turner

Aug. 2, 2022

In this episode, I speak to Dr. James Turner, an anesthesiology specialist, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and life coach for doctors. His passion is empowering other doctors, teaching them about money and mindset, and h…

The Sex Re-education Revolution with Dr. Kelly Casperson

July 27, 2022

No tools learned in medical school prepared Dr. Kelly Casperson for the wave of women that are hungry for help and education. So she pursued even more education. Sexual health. Intimacy. The science of desire and female sexu…

Multiply Your Private Practice Profitability with Dr. Heather Signorelli

July 20, 2022

Is it possible that you could be leaving so much money on the table? In this episode, I speak to Dr. Heather Signorelli, the owner of National Revenue Consulting, a full-service medical billing company based in Denver, Color…

How to Thrive in Corporate and Academic Medicine with Dr. Nwando Anyaoku

July 13, 2022

What does it take to be successful in corporate and academic medicine? How do you make all those years count? In this episode, I speak to Dr. Nwando Anyaoku, a pediatrician who is totally rocking it in corporate medicine. Ha…