Amazing actionable tools

Great podcast with so many inspiring physicians. Dr Una is providing an invaluable service.

See what is possible in Medicine

Dr. Una is the ultimate encourager of change in medicine. Get ready to be inspired and to challenge your limiting beliefs of what is possible in medicine! I love how she highlights what amazing physicians are doing as we take back medicine. Become a part of the change you want to see in your practice!


Thanks for this podcast Dr. Una. Every episode I’ve listened to has been most inspiring. It’s been uplifting and eye opening to see the vast array of endeavors fellow physician colleagues are involved in and how they are changing the world. Keep this up! 👍


Thanks for giving tools for a change.Love the positive changes starting here. Thanks!

A must listen

Ground breaking podcast to change the face of medicine

A must listen

This is not just a podcast. It’s a movement! Thank you so much Dr Una for creating this space where as physicians we can be inspired to say more, show up more and impact more!

Every Doctor Needs This!

If you can run a code, you can run a successful business. I love the stories of these doctors and what they are doing to change medicine. Thank you Dr Una for this podcast. Your energy is empowering this movement.

So inspiring!

Dr Una does a great job showcasing amazing physicians changing healthcare one incredible action at a time. It’s difficult not to be hopeful about the future of medicine listening to these inspiring doctors!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Amazing Content!!

As a transitioning physician, this podcast is right on time. There is no greater motivation than hearing from other physicians who also desire to see change in medicine and watching them soar in their endeavors! Looking forward to more!

Take a listen—you won’t regret it!

I am just blown away...Dr Una hits it out of the park with this new podcast. I just listened to the latest episode and can I just say, Wow? I immediately shared it with several physician friends who needed to hear it. This podcast is for anyone in medicine who is interested in getting “real world” inspiration from other physicians who are done with working in a broken system, tired of the red tape, wanting to use doctoring skills for something “outside the box” to help and serve more people or just wanting to be a doctor again. If you feel any of these things, listen now. You will feel pumped by stories of others who are taking medicine back ...and you cannot help but be motivated to start taking your own action. Truly inspiring!! Thank you Dr Una.

We are doing it!

Great inspiration and examples of people (physicians) seeing a “problem” and not waiting for permission, but simply (not necessarily easily/quickly) formulating and executing the solutions! This is how we change the world!

Thank you!

Our healthcare system is broken in many different ways. Who better to change some fields of medicine than the doctors themselves? Especially doctors who can provide true insight. (This kind of insight comes from a unique combination of grit, passion, clinical knowledge, and real life experiences.) These doctors are transforming lives. By listening to their stories, may your life also be impacted!


Thanks for giving tools for a change.

Every physician needs to listen to this podcast!

Dr. Una is a gifted podcaster. Beyond that she really gets the changes that need to occur for physicians to take back medicine and has a remarkable way of encouraging us to follow our dreams. Dr. Una is truly helping physicians help patients!

Dr Una Does It Again!

As an avid listener of the EntreMD podcast, I was so excited to see that Dr Una had launched this podcast. I had high expectations and this podcast does not disappoint! Dr Una keeps bringing her A-game and continues to grow and evolve. She is a model for the rest of us physicians- move from the comfort of victim hood to the discomfort and glory of being an empowered physician. I cannot agree more with this movement- I’ve practiced medicine for 21 years. The system is broken and we all know it. We can’t just sit around and complain and bank on someone else to take care of it. Let’s stand one million strong docs! I’m all in for Doctors Changing Medicine.

Great Podcast. Great Mindset

Great podcast on looking at solutions rather than focusing on problems. Thanks Dr. Una.

So needed!

Finally, doctors have a forum to join together to bring about the changes in medicine that they want to see & to showcase those leading the way. Excited! #OneMillionStrong

Change is coming

So excited to see how this show develops. Dr Una is on 🔥 and such an example of what’s possible. Honored to be a part of this movement, let’s take back medicine 🙌🏻

An excellent start

Thank you Dr. Una for launching this podcast. I gleaned so much information from the episode on recognizing your worth while negotiating contracts. I look forward to more episodes and will be sharing with my community.

Important Conversations

This podcast showcases doctors making a difference in a way that inspires us all to evolve, grow, and thrive. For us. For our patients. For all of society. Dr Una is the fantastic instigator and leader of a movement that calls all of us to action!

Brilliance At It Finest

Dr. Una, you never cease to amaze me. You’re a courageous trailblazer who wouldn’t stop at the status quo but will continue to make remarkable impact in the way physicians see their worth. Your Entremd podcast has no comparison and now your new movement “Doctors Changing Medicine” is revolutionary. I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this MOVEMENT. Thanks for leading the way. The first three episodes are a MUST LISTEN TO. So many juicy and valuable nuggets to digest. Can’t wait to listen to more inspiring episodes. I am so sharing with other colleagues so we can all be part of a well needed change in our Healthcare system. No point in complaining about it....we can be the change we want to see in the world. Congratulations Dr. Una. Your older self will definitely be super duper proud of you ❤️😊🙏🏽 Yes to #OneMillionStrong Yes to #DoctorsChangingMedicine Dr. Dolapo Babalola Founder, Living At Your Finest

The Beginning

... of the greatest sea change in healthcare starts right here with Dr. Una’s inspiration, leadership, path setting, and goal getting. I trust Dr. Una to always be wise, kind, and ON THE MONEY, and her message in Doctors Changing Medicine is no different. We are The Change. Join us! Jessica Krant, MD