Dec. 8, 2021

Personal Finance For Physicians With Dr. Amanda Christian

Personal Finance For Physicians With Dr. Amanda Christian

Do physicians need a budget? The short answer - yes. The need for a budget doesn’t hinge on your pay stub. Instead, it’s about taking control of your finances and making every dollar work for you.

In this episode, I speak to Dr. Amanda Christian, a practicing physician and the co-founder of Money Over Milkshakes. Money Over Milkshakes is on a mission to provide personal finance content that is easy to digest, straightforward, and not influenced by sponsors or affiliates. Dr. Christian helps physicians figure out their personal finances, and I am sure there's a lot you're going to learn from our conversation. 

In a nutshell, we speak about:
  • How Dr. Christian got into the financial space despite being an OBGYN.
  • Some of the financial mistakes that doctors commonly make.
  • Dr. Christian's advice on how to wisely spend your first attending check.
  • Dr. Christian's new book, The Physician's Guide to Finance.
... and so much more!

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Dr. Christian's new book: The Physician's Guide to Finance
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