Aug. 25, 2021

#18 Leveraging Scribes To Get Your Life Back With Dr. Jennifer McKenney

#18 Leveraging Scribes To Get Your Life Back With Dr. Jennifer McKenney

Dr. Jennifer McKenney is a family physician in her hometown of Fredonia Kansas, a town of approximately 2500 people in southeast Kansas. She has owned and managed an independent practice for the last eleven years. 

Nine years ago, Dr. McKenney's workload almost spiraled out of control when she found out that another physician at her Fredonia, Kansas-based family practice had passed away unexpectedly. However, with the help of a virtual scribe, she was able to focus on providing patient care and working more efficiently. Dr. McKenney joins us in today's episode to talk about The Remote Scribe Company - which she founded in 2019, how she utilizes remote scribes in her practice, and how scribes could be the solution to physician burnout.

In a nutshell, we speak about:

  • How The Remote Scribe Company was founded out of necessity.
  • How founding a company changed Dr. McKenney's life for the better.
  • Mistakes that doctors who bring or want to bring scribes on make.
  • Characteristics of someone that would make an awesome scribe.
  • How doctors can maximize their relationships with their scribes.
  • How bringing on a scribe will help you make more money in your practice.
  • How Dr. McKenney made the transition from an idea to a profitable business.

... and so much more!

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