Aug. 18, 2021

#17 Financial Freedom For Physicians With Dr. Bonnie Koo

#17 Financial Freedom For Physicians With Dr. Bonnie Koo

In today's episode, I chat with fellow physician, podcaster, and financial enthusiast Dr. Bonnie Koo, the founder of Wealthy Mom MD. Bonnie is a board-certified dermatologist who’s passionate about teaching personal finance strategies designed specifically for women physicians. We discuss financial advice for early-career physicians, what it means to “have it all,” and much more.

If you aspire to be a physician coach or consultant, you will want to learn the steps she took — this is a must-listen for sure! 

Key talking points for this episode include:

  • Why being a dermatologist was not enough for Dr. Koo and why she decided to start her company.
  • The importance of getting an education on personal finance.
  • The common mistakes that doctors make in matters relating to personal finances.
  • Limiting beliefs doctors have around money.
  • How to let your money work for you.
  • The top 5 assets that every doctor should think about investing in.
  • Why your brain is an asset and why you should heavily invest in it.

... and so much more!

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