May 12, 2021

#1 We Are Taking Back Medicine - Dr. Una

#1 We Are Taking Back Medicine - Dr. Una

Imagine having a constant source of inspiration every single week. Yes, you read that right! Truth is, the medical system is broken, and we are done taking it and playing victim to it. The Doctors Changing Medicine podcast is here to change the narrative. This is not just about inspiration; it is also about change. 

There are two main things you can expect from this show:

  • Real-life stories of physicians who are changing the way we practice medicine.
  • Practical action steps you can take towards enriching your medical practice and making it a success.

This is not just a podcast - it is a movement! And what can you do to support this movement? Three things:

  1. Tune in every Wednesday. As mentioned, this is going to be a source of inspiration for you every week, and you just can't miss an episode!
  2. Commit to take action with every single episode. 
  3.  Share the episode weekly. Whatever value you get out of this show, there is some doctor in pain in some area, who is just waiting to hear that. 

And since this is a movement, make use of the following two #tags especially when sharing the episodes on social media, because I'd love to give you a shoutout: 



 Imagine living inspired. Imagine taking steps to move your life, your career, your business, and your dreams forward every single week. 

Imagine changing the system, disrupting the way things are going on now, and making it better for our patients, ourselves, and our families. Imagine a better healthcare system as a whole. This is the ultimate goal of the Doctors Changing Medicine podcast.

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