July 7, 2021

#11 Taking Patient Education Outside The Exam Room With Dr. Trish Hutchison Co-Founder of Girlology

#11 Taking Patient Education Outside The Exam Room With Dr. Trish Hutchison Co-Founder of Girlology

Although parenthood is filled with many joys, it has its stressful and difficult moments too. For many parents, the difficult moments are when their children go through puberty. While the children may not understand what is happening to their bodies, their parents might not know how to start a conversation around this stage. Many opt to let their children gather information from the internet - which can be misleading. 

In today's episode, I speak with Dr. Trish Hutchison, the co-founder of Girlology. Founded in 2003, Girlology was dedicated to making girls’ lives healthier. The community provides medically accurate, in-the-moment support needed to navigate the journey ahead with all the facts and greater confidence. Dr. Hutchison talks about how Girlology was founded and how they have adequately prepared girls (and their parents) for puberty. She also takes a moment to encourage physicians to find something they are passionate about and creating a platform to share their knowledge. 

In a nutshell, we speak about:

  • The why behind Girlology 
  • Why Dr. Hutchison and Dr. Holmes (co-founder) went the extra mile to start a company even though it is not the easiest thing to do.
  • The ways through which Girlology gets parents and their kids to have conversations about the changes one experiences during puberty. 
  • How Girlology has pushed its mission to normalize body changes and people having conversations about them.
  • Doctors using their voices, owning platforms, and feeling a sense of responsibility to bring in the right information.
  • Why physicians need to say yes to challenges more often.

… and so much more!

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