July 21, 2021

#13 Stop Ignoring Your Dreams With Dr. Ronak Mehta

#13 Stop Ignoring Your Dreams With Dr. Ronak Mehta

In today's episode, I speak with Dr. Ronak Mehta, a physician and the CEO of Nerdbugs. Dr. Mehta's story starts about a decade ago, while she was still in medical school, and decided to write a children's book teaching young kids about the human body. Her ultimate goal (which took her ten years to realize) was to someday create the organs from the book into plush organ toys. 


Dr. Mehta's passion for medicine and love for plush toys gave birth to Nerdburgs. A combination of the “Why not?” mentality around Nerdbugs and taking chances on business contests has had this company recognized by Amazon's small business team, Forbes and NPR. Nerdburgs now creates educational tools for teaching about human anatomy in a fun and light-hearted way. Dr. Mehta shares how she launched her company, navigating work-life balance, and what she sees in her future. 


In a nutshell, we speak about:


  • How the whole idea of Nerdburgs came into light - from idea to product to marketing.
  • Some of the challenges that Dr. Mehta has had to overcome.
  • How Dr. Mehta overcame self-limiting beliefs as far as launching and running her business was concerned.
  • Mindset shifts that opened up a lot of doors and possibilities for Dr. Mehta.
  • Some of the wins that Nerdburgs has experienced.
  • How getting features on Forbes had a true impact on Dr. Mehta's brand, sales, and revenue. 
  • The fulfillment that comes with owning your dream and seeing it come to fruition.

... and so much more!


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Nerdburgs’ Website: https://nerdbugs.com

Nerdburgs on Instagram: @thenerdbugs


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