May 12, 2021

#2 How To Negotiate Like A Boss With Dr. Linda Street

While contracts are part and parcel of any doctor’s career progression, negotiating them can be an emotionally fraught process. Many doctors would rather not negotiate, leaving them voluntarily underpaid and undervalued. To help you get more comfortable with negotiation, I speak with Dr. Linda Street in today’s episode.

Dr. Street is not only a maternal fetal medicine specialist, but also a coach who specializes in helping women negotiate higher salaries, sign bonuses, and the other intangibles that sweeten the deal, regardless of whether you’re starting a new job or discussing the terms of a contract renewal. Dr. Street’s wake-up call came when she realized that her colleague was six figures more than she was, yet they were seeing pretty much similar clinical volumes! She had sold herself short when she signed her contract. 

There is so much pain and suffering that goes into negotiating contracts. If you are ready to take control,  negotiate your contracts like a  boss and practice medicine on your terms, this episode is for you!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Dr. Street went from MFM to setting up a company to help doctors negotiate
  • Pitfalls that doctors fall into all the time
  • How doctors can take inventory of their value
  • The three things you have to look for in a contract before signing it
  • How mindset plays a key role in the skill of negotiating

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  • Dr. Street’s Podcast: Simply Worth It
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