Sept. 8, 2021

#20 Doctors Are Humans Too With Sunny Smith

#20 Doctors Are Humans Too With Sunny Smith

Have you considered hiring a physician coach? Or have you thought about becoming one yourself? In this episode, Dr. Sunny Smith shares how she made the life-changing decision to coach her colleagues after being coached herself. 

Dr. Smith is a Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the UC San Diego School of Medicine and the Founder of Empowering Women Physicians podcast coaching and retreats. She has spent her academic career in medical student education and underserved medicine. An outspoken advocate for medical students and physician wellness, Dr. Smith now advocates for this through her comprehensive and collaborative coaching program where she empowers women physicians to finally enjoy this life they have worked so hard to create.

In a nutshell, we talk about:

  • The changes that need to happen in medicine according to Dr. Smith's perspective. 
  • The problem with not treating physicians as humans and how that has a ripple effect in the medical field.
  • How individuals can contribute to creating the change we want to see in medicine.
  • How doctors can use their skills and training to impact people in the best way they can.
  • The role that Dr. Smith plays in helping doctors have a different experience in medicine.

... and so much more!

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