May 26, 2021

#5 How This Doctor Is Tackling Burnout at an Institutional Level with Dr. Amelia Bueche

Why is burnout so common among physicians? Is it because we are taught to work pretty much until we drop? Last year alone, 42% of hospital physicians reported burnout! This number is surprisingly high, given that we as physicians are constantly recommending mental health support to our patients. It's high time we normalized this kind of support too! 

In today's episode, I am joined by Dr. Amelia Bueche, a DO who is a specialist in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine. She is on a mission to nurture health and empower patients to realize their amazing inherent capacity. Dr. Bueche is the founder of This Osteopathic Life and also the brain behind Coaching For Institutions (CFI), a collective of physicians trained as coaches specializing in the creation and implementation of programs to bring health to medicine through coaching. Through these organizations, she is tackling the problem of burnout on an individual and institutional level. She discusses the biggest contributors to burnout and the power of coaching. 

If you are looking to develop immunity against burnout and find success in your medical career, this episode is for you!

In a nutshell, we speak about:

  • Why Dr. Bueche decided to build a company that helps doctors and institutions tackle the problem of burnout.
  • Some of the early warning signs of burnout
  • The main causes of burnout among physicians
  • Important tips for doctors experiencing burnout.
  • How coaching solves the problem of burnout

...and so much more! 

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