June 2, 2021

#6 How This Doctor Is Changing the Experience of Cancer Patients With Dr. Katie Deming

#6 How This Doctor Is Changing the Experience of Cancer Patients With Dr. Katie Deming

It all started when Katie Deming, MD, went undercover at a boutique near her office. As a radiation oncologist, Dr. Deming wanted to test first-hand the types of bras on the market for women who had undergone radiation therapy for breast cancer. What she saw made her decide that she was never going to send her patients to that boutique. The bras had all the wrong features - they were scratchy and had an elastic that would irritate the skin. 

Despite having zero designer experience, Dr. Deming saw a gap that needed to be filled. That was just the beginning of her years-long journey that led her to create MakeMerry, a first-of-its-kind online shop with bras designed specifically for women undergoing radiation treatment. 

In today's episode, Dr. Deming shares all about how she got started developing her clothing line and all she has learned along the way. Don’t miss out as she shares tips for starting your own business as a physician as well!

In a nutshell, we speak about:

  • How Dr. Deming decided to create a line of intimates for cancer patients.
  • What she has learned about owning a business that specializes in garments.
  • Some of the transitions that worked for her as she was starting her business. 
  • How she used a licensing deal with another company to produce her garments without having to raise a huge amount of capital upfront.
  • The importance of branding and legally protecting your business.
  • Some of the huge wins she's had in her business.
  • How you can support her mission to change the lives of women undergoing radiation treatment. 
  • How she manages to strike a balance between her business and her career.

...and so much more!

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Featured in the show:

Dr. Deming’s website: shopmakemerry.com

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