June 23, 2021

#9 How To Stop Charting At Night With Dr. Sarah Smith

#9 How To Stop Charting At Night With Dr. Sarah Smith

Backlogs are terrible, aren’t they? When was the last time you went home with all your work done? A lot of times, we as physicians find ourselves sneaking some work home and instead of spending time bonding with our families, the few hours left in the day are spent charting. Over time, our backlog becomes our source of shame, guilt, frustration, and even overwhelm. As a result, some of us have had our jobs threatened due to mountains of unfinished charts or inboxes.

 If you feel out of control, tired, or frustrated as you go through your clinical day, this episode is for you! In today’s episode, I speak with Dr. Sarah Smith, a Charting Coach for Physicians. Dr. Smith is the founder of the Charting Champions Program that helps physicians get home with their charting done. Sarah has a passion for reducing Burnout and Overwhelm resulting from the administrative burden of Clinical Medicine.

In a nutshell, we  talk about:

  • Why Dr. Smith, a family medicine physician, decided to become a charting coach.
  • Why she decided to seek help from a coach when she realized paperwork was becoming overwhelming.
  • Mindset shifts that need to happen to anyone looking to join Dr. Smith’s program.
  • Formulating strategies for avoiding charting at night or over the weekend.
  • Tips for setting yourself up from the beginning to be a rock star at charting and having a great experience as a physician.
  • One of Dr. Smith’s favorite transformation story

…and so much more!

Tune in for tips on how to have your evenings and weekends to yourself again!

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Dr. Smith’s website: https://www.chartingcoach.ca/

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