Dec. 21, 2022

Art as a Hobby to Art as a Profitable Business with Dr. Lucie Mitchell

Art as a Hobby to Art as a Profitable Business with Dr. Lucie Mitchell

Think about your biggest goal. Why haven’t you accomplished it yet? If you’re like most people, the answer is basic: fear. Fear is the limiting factor stopping you from working toward what you want. Learning how to overcome fear is one of the most liberating pursuits you can undertake. 

In today's episode, I invite Dr. Lucie Mitchell a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, a creator and photographer who has turned her love for photography, acrylic painting, and the human spine into a collection of abstract art. She is also a mom, a Physician Outlook cover artist, and an entrepreneur. Lucie's story is phenomenal and worth listening to. 

Tune in as Dr. Mitchelle takes us behind the scenes of how she overcame her fear and transformed her hobby into a profitable business. 

In a nutshell, we chat about:

  • The extrinsic push that got her out of her comfort zone (The EntreMD podcast)
  • The ripple effect of facing your fears
  • How she transformed her net worth
  • How she managed to say yes to simple scary challenges and how that opened a whole new world for her
  • Tips on how she successfully turned her hobby into a profitable business

… and so much more! 

Featured in the show:

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Dr. Mitchelle Instagram: @phoenixnoirdesigns

Dr. Mitchelle YouTube Channel: @ScrubsAndArt

The EntreMD podcast:

Dr. Una's Book: The EntreMD Method: A Proven Roadmap for Doctors Who Want to Live Life and Practice Medicine on Their Terms

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