Dec. 14, 2022

From Afraid to Accomplished Professional Speaker with Dr. Tamara Beckford

From Afraid to Accomplished Professional Speaker with Dr. Tamara Beckford

Sometimes, a lot of times actually, the only thing stopping you from achieving great things and actualizing the numerous ideas you have is self-pity and your lack of confidence.

In today's episode, I invite Dr. Tamara Beckford, a success mentor at the EntreMD business school. She is a board-certified ER physician, mom, and CEO of UR Caring Docs. Dr. Beckford helps companies create amazing cultures and reduce employee burnout through self-care workshops. She is also the host of the Dr. Tamara Beckford Show, where she interviews doctors from all over the world and discusses common medical conditions and self-care in a fun way while skipping all the jargon.

Tune in for a wake-up call to redefine your story based on practical tips that Tamara's journey highlights.  She’s sharing so many lessons that will be applicable to your business, especially if you are considering joining the EntreMD Business School.

In a nutshell, we chat about;

  • Not letting self-doubt get in your way to greatness
  • Being consistent in what you do and why that’s key
  • Building your confidence irrespective of what people think of what you're doing
  • The opportunities that present themselves when you are confident in yourself and your craft
  • Not waiting for opportunities to be handed over but asking for them
  • Entrepreneurship and its challenges and why it's always worth starting out

and so much more!

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