Dec. 28, 2022

How I Leveraged Entrepreneurship to Get Unstuck with Dr. Maria Duroseau

How I Leveraged Entrepreneurship to Get Unstuck with Dr. Maria Duroseau

The responsibility of raising healthy, happy, well-adjusted kids can sometimes feel overwhelming for parents. They’re bombarded with expert advice and societal expectations, yet often miss out on the informal support that parents half a century ago received from neighbors and extended family.

In this episode, I speak to Dr. Maria Duroseau, an experienced pediatrician and parenting coach. Maria was born and raised in Zambia before she moved to the US to become a physician. She spends countless hours in the clinic meeting with parents and children alike to help them process pain points in their relationship and navigate towards a healthier dynamic in their homes. 

Tune in to learn why ‘becoming the best version of yourself is one of the best gifts you can ever give your children' is Dr. Duroseau's favorite tagline. 

In a nutshell, we chat about:

  • Maria’s "aha" moment that drove her to parenting coaching
  • The excitement and sense of freedom of earning out of her medical specialty
  • How she maintains the balance between her passion, family, and self-care
  • Her insights on spending your time in a way that propels you toward your goals
  • How to handle Impostor Syndrome
  • Practical tips on overcoming the dreaded marketing space in Entrepreneurship
  • How she is helping parents transition their teens into adulthood
  • Recognizing your value and the evolutionary impact it holds

…and so much more!

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