Jan. 12, 2022

Money, Selling, and High Ticket Offers With Dr. Kimmy

Money, Selling, and High Ticket Offers With Dr. Kimmy

Imagine rummaging through your late mother's belongings in a bid to decide what should be kept and what should be disposed only to come across a handwritten book manuscript that she never published. This is exactly what Dr. Kimberly Reynolds, popularly known as Dr. Kimmy, experienced after her mother passed on. Finding her mother's manuscript was like a punch in the gut - an incident made her think about all the dreams she'd never pursued because of fear of failure. On that day, she decided that she was no longer going to let her fear of failure be in charge. She would start living on purpose, and so she decided to honor her mother's memory by becoming an entrepreneur.  

Dr. Kimmy is a Double Board-Certified Pediatric Professor and the CEO of Productive on Purpose™. She helps women doctors develop and confidently sell their first high-ticket program and reach their first $100K. Through her podcast, The High-Ticket Doc™️ Podcast, she shares actionable strategies on how to become a High-Ticket Doc™️.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What Dr. Kimmy does what she does.
  • Why Dr. Kimmy loves sales yet she's a pediatric professor.
  • How to get sold on yourself.
  • Why it's harder for doctors and to sell and what we can do about it.
  • Why any transformation requires a transaction. 

... and so much more!

Featured in the show:

Dr. Kimmy's website: www.productivepurpose.com

Dr. Kimmy's Instagram: @drkimmy_

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