Jan. 26, 2022

Paying Off $250,000 of Student Loan Debt in Four Years With Dr. Caroline Clerisme

Paying Off $250,000 of Student Loan Debt in Four Years With Dr. Caroline Clerisme

Coming from a family of doctors, Dr. Caroline Clerisme was inspired to become a physician. As a child in Haiti, Dr. Clerisme enjoyed seeing how her mother, a dermatologist, interacted with and cared for her patients. Her own positive experience with her orthodontist and braces led Caroline to pursue a degree in dentistry.

Dr. Clerisme is now the CEO of Doctors out of Debt and the founder of Doctors out of Debt Group on Facebook, a platform to help doctors get out of debt and create generational wealth. Dr. Clerisme graduated from dental school in 2011 and had a total of $250,000 in student loans and was able to pay everything off in 4 years. She is on a mission to help doctors have similar results and create generational wealth.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why doctors should consider clearing their student loans.
  • Dr. Clerisme's experience being in debt and what it took to clear her loans in 4 years.
  • Some stories of sample clients that Dr. Clerisme has helped come out of debt.
  • Why Dr. Clerisme decided that she was going to help other doctors get out of debt.
  • The first step towards living a debt-free life.

... and so much more!

Featured in the show:

Website: www.doctorsoutofdebt.com

Facebook Group: www.doctorsoutofdebt.com/group

IG: https://www.instagram.com/doctorsoutofdebt

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