Dec. 1, 2021

Physician Suicide is Closer Than You Think With Dr. Michelle Chestovich

Physician Suicide is Closer Than You Think With Dr. Michelle Chestovich

Today's episode is one of the most important interviews I have ever done. You are going to listen to Dr. Michelle Chestovich, a mom of 4, Family Physician, and Life Coach for Physician Moms. Michelle recently launched her podcast, Re-Mind Yourself, through which she offers tips and insights on mental health topics.  

Dr. Chestovich fully understood how important it is to allow yourself to feel ALL of your emotions when her kid sister, Gretchen, committed suicide in early March. This unthinkable tragedy led Michelle to set forth on a grief journey, and she's bringing her listeners, her social media followers, and anyone who will listen with her as she speaks openly about the pain she's processing. She's creating a safe space to talk about grief, loss, and the resulting trauma, while turning up the volume on suicide prevention awareness.

In a nutshell, we speak about:

  • The incident that changed her life and gave her brand a new mission.
  • The warning signs to look out for in a burnt-out physician.
  • Why self-check should be a regular routine and how to do it. 
  • How physicians can support Dr. Chestovich's mission.

... and so much more!

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