May 18, 2022

Publishing Papers as a Pathway to Promotion in Academia with Dr. Jia

Publishing Papers as a Pathway to Promotion in Academia with Dr. Jia

Dr. Jia Hwei Ng is a board-certified nephrologist, a clinical researcher at Zucker School of Medicine at Northwell, and the founder of Publish MD. Dr. Hwei is passionate about helping clinicians get over the hurdles of publishing. She coaches clinicians on how to publish research papers and achieve their academic goals without feeling overwhelmed. She is also the creator of the PublishedMD YouTube channel where she covers topics such as academic writing, research productivity, success mindsets, and anything to help you thrive in academia.

Tune in to learn how publishing papers could be your pathway to promotion in academia. 

In a nutshell, we chat about:

  • The importance of publishing papers
  • How Dr.Hwei came to do the fascinating work she is doing, her company and her YouTube channel
  • How publishing helped her build her network and get more opportunities to work with other Physicians
  • The blocks holding people back from publishing in the way they should and how to overcome them
  • Why you should subscribe to her YouTube channel!

     …and so much more!

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