April 27, 2022

Redefining Success for Physicians with Dr. Johanna Moore

Redefining Success for Physicians with Dr. Johanna Moore

If you're the type of physician who feels like you should be successful at this point, because you've done all the work but still go to bed disappointed, this episode is definitely for you!

Dr. Moore MD is a certified dermatopathologist and the founder of She is money, a success strategy and coaching company for ambitious intelligent women physicians. Even after founding her first professional corporation, Dr. Moore still had mental breakdowns and went into midlife crises. Her transformational choice, not to be a victim but to be in the movement, was the sole reason behind the founding of She is money, her happy place in medicine, where she felt fulfilled.

Listen in as Dr. Moore shares her transformational journey into fulfillment and finding her happy spot in medicine.

In a nutshell, we chat about:

  • Dr. Moore's professional journey
  • When she decided to turn around from victim mode to movement mode
  • Her beautiful definition of success
  • How venturing into her happy spot in medicine has changed her life
  • Dr. Moore's engagement with the social media
  • Her awe-inspiring advice as a veteran investor

…and so much more!

Featured in the show:


Instagram: @she.is.money and @drjohannabmoore 

LinkedIn: Johanna B.Moore

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/sheismoney 

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