March 29, 2023

Saving Physician Marriages with Dr. Jeep and Vanessa Naum

Saving Physician Marriages with Dr. Jeep and Vanessa Naum

Dr. Jeep is a physician going on 32 years now. He met wife Vanessa 30 years ago when she was recovering from a failed marriage and he had recently ended an engagement. 
In their physician marriage, they experienced many challenges that ultimately paved the way for their signature program, 90 Days to Clarity and Connection, where they share the tools that they practice still to this day in their own relationship!

Dr. Jeep and Vanessa Naum volunteered at a non-profit for more than 25 years as couples’ coaches. They saw a gap in the market for physicians and healthcare professionals who deserve complete confidentiality, trust, and solutions. 

They co-founded Best Friends Again, LLC in 2020. For info, visit 

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