June 8, 2022

Social Media Mastery for Physicians with Dr. Una

Social Media Mastery for Physicians with Dr. Una

If you have been dragging your feet or underutilizing social media to reach new patients, the worst thing you can do is to do it for one more day. Social media is an incredibly powerful way to develop a direct know, like, and trust relationship with patients that would have been difficult to reach in the past. Now you can bring them into your office and show them your exact approach to patient care and your key differentiators. It is high time physicians stopped fighting social media and learned to use it instead!

In this episode, I talk about:

  • The 7 types of content that physicians can post on social media
  • Why physicians should post opinion posts on social media
  • Tips for thriving and growing a loyal community on social media as a physician
  • Why you should have a HQ for all your posts
  • How to talk to your ideal clients

... and so much more!

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