July 27, 2022

The Sex Re-education Revolution with Dr. Kelly Casperson

The Sex Re-education Revolution with Dr. Kelly Casperson

No tools learned in medical school prepared Dr. Kelly Casperson for the wave of women that are hungry for help and education. So she pursued even more education. Sexual health. Intimacy. The science of desire and female sexual response.

Dr. Casperson is a surgeon entrepreneur, who started her own Ambulatory Surgery Center and Clinic. She is a dynamic speaker and educator about female pelvic health, sexuality, and urologic wellness. In addition to her general urology training, she has specific expertise in female urology, frequently called “urogynecology”. She is passionate about female pelvic health and incorporates both surgical and non-surgical treatment options in her discussions with patients. 

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Why she started her podcast, You Are Not Broken.
  • Why she continued podcasting even though people were not listening at the very beginning.
  • The results of having a successful podcast.
  • How pursuing education on sexual health and intimacy has enriched her practice.
  • Why she wrote her book, You Are Not Broken, and why you should buy it.
  • Why you should give yourself permission and your own approval.

… and so much more!

Featured in this episode:

Dr. Casperson’s book: You Are Not Broken

Dr. Casperson’s podcast: You Are Not Broken

Dr. Casperson’s website: https://www.kellycaspersonmd.com/

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