Oct. 27, 2022

Top Five Secrets for Creating Binge-Worthy Content

Top Five Secrets for Creating Binge-Worthy Content

By now, you should be convinced (I hope!) that video is the most personal and engaging creative medium that exists today. The format allows you to make more human connections at a faster pace than ever before. With video, physicians can create explosive growth in their brands and businesses, and multiply their impact and revenue. But how does one create the kind of content that interrupts the conversations their audience is already having in their minds? 

In this episode, I share the top secrets to creating binge-worthy content. The kind of content that works while you sleep, and leaves your audience hungering for more. I owe this episode to you guys because you created it - I literally took questions that physicians ask me about creating video content and flipped them. If you think people are more interested in cute or complex topics, you'd be surprised that they don't! By the end of the episode, you should come out with 5 actionable tips that will help you create the kind of content that will make your prospective clients want to work with you!

In a nutshell, I talk about:

  • Why your motivation for creating video content should be creating a win for your audience.
  • Having a healthy obsession with your ideal clients - learning about them, studying them, and figuring out what their pain point is.
  • How to turn your audience's questions into your topics.
  • Why (and how) you should practice disciplined speaking.
  • The power of consistency in creating video content.

.... and so much more!

About Dr. Una:

Dr. Nneka Unachukwu is a pediatrician, serial entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and bestselling author. She is the founder of EntreMD, a company designed to help doctors build six and seven-figure businesses so they can live life and practice medicine on their terms. She does this through the EntreMD podcast, EntreMD Method book, EntreMD Live events, and the EntreMD Business School. She is a regular contributor to Forbes and a member of the Forbes Business Council.

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