Feb. 16, 2022

Vision 2025 - The Year Of The Physician

Vision 2025 - The Year Of The Physician

As physicians, we are unbelievably devalued in the healthcare space, a space where we're supposed to be the leaders. It’s high time we said enough is enough, and did something about it!

Imagine learning new things, getting breakthroughs in our businesses, and changing the paradigm for ourselves. Imagine creating a massive impact inside and outside the exam room, getting your own table and a seat at the same table! Entrepreneurship is the answer. And the EntreMD Business School is here to make that a reality!

If you are ready to say enough is enough, and you are not complaining about this anymore, tune in to today's episode!

In a nutshell, I speak about:

Why every physician should consider entrepreneurship.

The plan for creating great impact by 2025 and how we can get it done.

The 4 vehicles for mass business education.

… and so much more!

To be an #EntreMDHero, text hero to 94253.

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